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2019 see’s the introduction of three new models.

HALO COOLTOUCH 2 - this barbecue has improved airflow control and features an external utility ring. It has a stainless steel split grill plate and a removeable firebowl. With it’s cool touch exterior skin, this makes a fantastic family barbecue.

HALO SATURN, a charcoal powered barbecue is effectively a single skinned version of the Cooltouch 2. It features the same improved airflow system as the Cooltouch 2 and has a utility ring which separate the upper and lower lids. It’s removable legs make it a great companion to take on holiday. A great mid range barbecue.

HALO ZIGZAG Oven is a game changing charcoal and wood powered portable oven. It’s compact size and 15kg weight also make it a great holiday or travelling outdoor oven. It’s extreme versatility make it range from slow cooking to high temperature stone baked pizza cooking.

Watch our Indiegogo campaign for the ZIGZAG Oven